About us 關於我們

We are a professional construction company  located at the city of San Francisco, We have served our customers around the bay area for over 25 years. Our major clients are from San Francisco city/county, Alameda county, San Mateo county and Santa Clara county; We would like to introduce our services below:

我們是具有加州工程執照的專業建築裝修公司,位於加州三藩市,施工團隊經驗超過25年,多年來獲得廣大客戶的肯定與好評,我們的工程服務範圍涵蓋整個灣區: 三藩市,聖馬刁郡,阿拉米達郡,聖塔克拉拉郡, 以下是我們的工程服務項目:

  1. House Addition Construction 房屋加建工程
  2. House Remodeling 房屋整體裝修工程
  3. Commercial Space Remodeling 商業空間裝修工程 
  4. Foundation Renewal/Upgrade 地基更新/加固
  5. Rien-Forcemet Concrete Piers Work 鋼筋水泥基樁工程
  6. Rebar-Concrete Retaining Wall 擋土牆工程
  7. Soft Story Retrofit 防地震工程
  8. Electrical and Plumbing Upgrade & Renew 水電升級更新
  9. Construction Design Service 工程設計規劃
  10. Building Permit Apply Service 代辦建築許可